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New GT-R RaceROM
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New GT-R RaceROM

EcuTek Releases GT-R RaceROM Phase 7

After an extensive period of testing, EcuTek are proud to announce the release of their GT-R RaceROM Phase 7. This upgrade has focussed mainly on the transmission increasing the clutch pressure target limit and delivering a closed loop, slip based traction control. There are plenty of other important additions to this, so read on for more detail on this significant release.

Closed Loop, Slip Based Traction Control


Giving you the feel and consistency of a stand alone ECU, our Phase 7 Traction Control integrates into Custom Maps and ECU Connect to give you the ultimate control over your traction at the track or on the road. Deliver that 1.20 sec 60ft over and over again. Dial in to the toughest of track conditions to ensure your launch is the best it can be whatever the track prep is like. And to make it easy for you, it is already set it up for a stock car in the software. Turn it on and you are locked and loaded for a launch that will feel like a bullet out of a gun.


Clutch Pressure Target Limit


In a stock transmission the clutch pressure is limited to 16 bar. For most modest set ups that is going to be OK, but if you are pushing North of 1000hp and looking to your clutches to transmit all that power to the wheels without slipping, you are going to need more than 16 bar. Enter Phase 7 which allows you to lift this limit to 20+ bar and set targets for both A and B clutches keeping those clutches at their optimum clamping pressure. This minimises wear, extends their life and gives you more power from the flywheel to the wheels. Rob Harper and Alpha Logic seemed to think it worked very well when they set their World Record 6.58 sec quarter mile time with a terminal of 232mph using Phase 7 in their transmission.



More Key Features


  1. Improved memory management allows for 16 Custom Maps on all ROMs and future RaceROM updates to have additional features
  2. Secondary injector specific lag times for 12 injector setups, smooth transitions on ID2000 secondaries
  3. Injector low PW compensation updates for easier understanding. Map tracing added for tuning
  4. Boost control updates for integral duty activation to help prevent windup
  5. Usability improvements to Clutch Slip Protection
  6. Torque Control sub-system to arbitrate requests from TC and CSP with live data for each channel
  7. AFR measurement uses internal OEM vales, original RaceROM versions available but depreciated
  8. Flex Fuel specific over-boost fuel cut limits
  9. Launch Control specific boost targets and torque limits
  10. Live Data enhanced with more data and optimised speed (70 Parameters at 20hz)
  11. Various map improvements and bug fixes



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