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We worked, edited and tuned sports and racing cars diligently, developed and perfected our products and ... success came. 

We have passed all the tests, demonstrated our great results and now we can boast of the highest level of tuning, well known as the ECUTEC MASTER TUNER

We can offer you all possible and nearly impossible modifications to your cars. The porfolio of supported cars has expanded considerably, thanks to the collaboration with the American HP Tuners also.

Additionally, we can also perform e-tunes - remote tuning of your cars if you are from far away (any distance is no longer an obstacle to get a perfectly tuned car of yours). With the necessary HW that you can buy from us, reprogram the car yourself, then send the logs by mail, we will modify the results and send you back a new map for uploading to the car

EcuTek: especially SUBARU, MAZDA MX-5, BMW, NISSAN GT-R / 370Z, FORD RS / ST, MITSUBISHI EVO, INFINITY, HONDA TYPE R and others. Altogether more than 3500 car models. Supported vehicle list by Ecutek is here
HP TUNERS: especially US cars, AUDI, JAGUAR, MERCEDES, TOYOTA, VW and others. Supported vehicle list by HP Tuners is here

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Supported Vehicles List