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Custom Remote E-Tuning could be done across the entire world by Master Tuner.

If you are looking for a solution in your part of the world that has no local tuners, no dyno's or just to hard to get anywhere for any such professional services we can offer a solution. Our history speaks for itself and we are ready to answer any further questions you might have. Feel free to contact us for additional assistance. We hope that some more of the information below will help answer any further questions you might have.


  1. We will need to know the type of your car and all the engine performance parts on your vehicle. (Sometimes we suggest changing, adding or even removing parts).
  2. Once we have determined and agreed with the modifications you have performed we can then send you a base map to begin tuning. (EcuTek cable required)
  3. Once you have installed the map into the vehicle ECU we will need to go through the logging process.
  4. Once a log has been completed please send us the log, we will review it and send a revised map for you to log again.
  5. This process will continue until the car is to a "tuned" state. All HW and licenses you can also buy from us.