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We are very passionate and pride ourselves on providing a professional, friendly, quick and easy service to all our customers worldwide.
Below are just a few of the many reasons as to why you should choose CADERO TUNING today:

  • CADERO TUNING exists to enhance road car performance, born of a desire to make each and every drive an exciting, stimulating, uncompromising experience. We offer performance upgrades for many brands of petrol cars including not only BMW, Subaru, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda but  lot more.
  • Our primary goal is to help owners like you dial up the FUN. We seek to accomplish that goal by offering a wide range of quality parts and good advice with which you can add some extra fun to your car.
  • We race what we sell as a means of constant testing to the limits so we can better help even the guy just driving these cars to work with a decision about what will last and what works for daily driving vs track weekends, etc. We spend lots of our free time out on the track and racing in one of our project cars.
  • Our workshop services include simple parts installation, vehicle servicing, suspension setup, engine and transmission building and modification, fast road, track day and motorsport preparation as well as engine ecu calibration and tuning.
  • We've been in business since the late 90's and our company is a family-run automotive business. We’ve been tuning and servicing a wide range of vehicles and our friendly and skilled team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your vehicle. We invest in the latest car and tuning technology and machinery. This allows us to provide you with quality and accurate services.
  • Our demanding in-house development process and independent feedback from leading industry experts ensure the best results. We invite you to explore this website more and to discover for yourself the difference that CADERO TUNING’s expertise can make to your drive.

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